David Letterman – Bill O’Reilly on Beyonce .

First, Ludacris now Beyonce…why does Bill O’Reilly think that his opinion is so important!?!  Why is is that when he made his staement about Beyonce being a role model to young girls he didn’t mention Madonna or Mily Cyrus?


The Biggest Show of the Year!


The Biggest Show of the Year!

Comedian Charles Winston and Comedian Gordon Quinney DVD shoot & birthday bash is going down Thanksgiving night. Special performances by Oscar P. (all the way from Tenn.), Lorenzo Jones, Jr., Felecia Ellison, Tim Coleman, Trey Mack, Rocky Davis, JP Laffsum and musical performance by Cutt Dogg. This event will be hosted by 95.7 Jamz personality Funnymaine!!!