Simply Featured in G-Entertainment Magazine

Simply Fashion was honored to be included in the May/June issue of G-Entertainment Magazine. The magazine is dedicated to aspiring models, actors, and artists — providing a platform for indie and undiscovered artists to showcase themselves.

The Simply Summer Styles continue to inspire artists and models.  Click the link below to visit the Simply Fashions site.

G-Ent Magazine G. E. M. Model Photo Shoot feat. Brittney aka The Model X

This is an exclusive sneek peek of G-Ent Mag’s Centerfold Photo Shoot feat. Brittney McMoore aka TheModelX.  Photography done by Eric DeJuan, makeup and styling done by La’Toya Nicole and directing and production of the behind the scenes vid is done by Kelvin K-One Holmes of ZlenZ Media.  Harold Abram Jr. is the Editor-In-Chief of G-Entertainment Magazine.  You can check out more photography from Eric DeJuan at & more awesome videos from ZlenZ Media at

Watch the Throne

                                                      By Harold Abram, Jr.                

 Like all things G-Entertainment Magazine started as a Dream, but unlike the great poem written by Lagston Hughes this dream was not deferred.  LaToya & Harold Abram, Jr., the brains behind the publication, constantly thank God for bringing this dream into fruition.  G-Entertainment started as a promotional group during ’06-’07.  The concept of the magazine came about during the Fall of 2011.  “I wanted to work on a magazine for a long time, but I couldn’t get anybody to really help me out with my idea.” (Harold) Due to the lack of people backing my concept Toya asked me to work with others already in the industry. 

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Hardships of a Mother

                                                      By Stormi Boddie

Jameshia Allums is a 22 year-old Fortis State Institute student, trying to get her associates degree, and mother to her younger sister. Carolyn Hudson, Allums mother, believed Allums was responsible enough to take care of her daughter. Allums has five siblings Makebra Allums (28), Justin Allums (20), Michael Allums (19), Joshua Allums (14) and Cleneshia Seymone Gordon (12). Out of all of her siblings, Allums was chosen for the biggest responsibility of her life.

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To Be or Not to Be…Relaxed or Natural that is the Question

By Brittney McMoore

Growing up it was the norm for little black girls and black women to have Relaxers to straighten their hair. So now that years have gone by and times have changed I ask you all… Why do some of us as black women still feel that we need to relax our hair?

              Black women have natural curly or kinky hair, which most people would call “nappy” hair. At one time in the work place it was frowned upon or considered unprofessional to not have pressed or relaxed hair, as a result many black women resorted to the chemical relaxer. The relaxer would straighten our natural curl making us look a little more “corporate.” 

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