Macking Fashionably

 By LaToya Fletcher-Abram  

  In this economy, having extra money is a privilege.  Clubbing, dating, shopping and taking vacations seem so farfetched now-a-days.  Even club owners allow male and female customers to get in free until certain times. A couple of years ago, that was unheard of.  Especially for guys; they always had to pay to enter a bar or club.  Well, when money and time allows, you do want to go out looking fresh.  So, this article is to inform you of what’s in style and how to obtain that right look for the low when macking fashionably in the club.     .

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Silicone Parts are Made for Toys

By: Brian Shoter

In today’s society breast and butt enlargements have become wildly popular and a sign of beauty for many people. To see someone with breast or butt implants is very common and with all advancements in technology it has gotten hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake. What makes implants so popular? Many women do for a variety of reasons from wanting to make themselves feel more attractive, getting more attention from the opposite sex, to wanting to be a rump shaker in the music videos.

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Fashion for Fall 2011, is all about pushing the limits! From busy patterns & prints to plunging necklines to exotic lace, women are encouraged to display their womanhood. The Seventies Decade is also make a come back. Wide leg trousers, and bellbottoms are being paired with button-down cotton shirts or a high-neck blouse.

In the past, most women avoided wearing patterns and prints, but the Fall Season, designers have embraced bold beautiful prints and busy patterns. When attempting to wear this look, pair it will a solid color top or bottom. Doing this, will allow the print or pattern to stand out and be noticed. Wearing a nude color heel or flat shoe, will enhance the look of wearing patterns and prints.

Sexy Lace and Plunging Necklines are the hottest trend this season.


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Thrifty Ways To Date In This Economy

By:  LaToya Fletcher-Abram

      I know you are probably thinking the same thing I was a couple of minutes ago.  How can anyone be stressing about squeezing romantic dates into their budgets when bills seem to crowd your kitchen table, junk drawer, and closet space?  With the unemployment rate in 2010 being 9.8% and the 2011 results looking the same, it can seem depressing.  How can anyone think about how to wine and dine someone, when so many are without jobs?  Or, how can I wine and dine someone on a minimum wage salary?  It sounds impossible, but it can be done.  Dollar Movie anyone?  You can manage to have a great date for $10 or less with this thrifty idea.  All you need is $2.17 to get your movie tickets, make a quick stop by The Dollar Tree Store for refreshments, and put the rest in your gas tank or stash away for a rainy day and you’ve got a date.  This is one of many ideas that were collected from a survey posted by yours truly on Facebook.  I asked, and within 2 hours, I had 31 plus comments on thrifty ways to date in this economy.  I can’t name all 31, but here are some of my personal favorites that were suggested…

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